THE BX golf

The BX Golf is the epitome of class, style, and cutting-edge technology tailored for the golf course. Specifically designed for the discerning golfer, this two-seater marvel not only redefines sophistication on the fairway but also comes equipped with a bag holder on the back and a rain cover, ensuring your golfing experience is as stylish as it is seamless. Get ready to elevate your game with a golf cart that blends luxury, practicality, and innovation, making every round a statement of excellence.

*Dealer and MSRP reflects base pricing on a BX Golf Cart with a Lithium battery.  Price varies depending on cart options.

Street Legal VIN Number

Travels up to 25 MPH

Industry Leading Warranty Plans

Key Features:


If you have any questions about this model or any customizable features contact us and we will assist you.